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Ok, my personal vehicle looks like a golf ball! What now?

Hailstorms can happen pretty much anywhere in the country, and if you haven't been hit before, chances are you know someone who has. It is a very overwhelming experience, so let QWIK WAY solve your problem by following these steps:
  • First of all, contact your Insurance company or agent to file your claim. So long as you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, you are covered. Best of all, comprehensive claims are considered "Acts of God"-- They will not affect your premium!

  • Next, call QWIK WAY at 1-877-4-NO-HAIL to learn where our catastrophe response team is set up in your town, or click on the "where we are" link at the top of this page. We can schedule a free estimate for you, as well as reserving a loaner car for the time period (usually 1-2 days) that will be needed to repair your car.

  • Your insurance company will either meet with you at a convenient location or will schedule an appointment with you at their catastrophe response site to assess the damage to your vehicle. If you have a lien on the vehicle, most companies will make the repair check out to you and your lienholder, or if you prefer, they can make it out to you and QWIK WAY. We do not require payment until you are satisfied with the repairs!

  • Drop your car off with QWIK WAY the morning of your scheduled appointment, pick up your loaner car, and get on with your life! We will contact you when your repairs are done, and give you a lifetime warranty when you pick up your vehicle.

  • We may ask you to fill out a customer service survey to identify areas in which we can improve your service experience.

  • And that's it! Now that wasn't so bad, was it?
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