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I have questions about the PDR Process.

How does PDR actually work?
With specially designed tools, each dent is manually "massaged" out of the metal by accessing the back side of the panel. Trained technicians will remove any trim panels or liners to gain this access, and will professionally reinstall these pieces after the repair is complete. All trim removal and reinstallation is guaranteed.

Why is PDR a better repair alternative for minor dents?
PDR Eliminates painting, body fillers and replacement panels. PDR is faster and the vehicle value is maintained because the original factory finish is kept intact.

Will PDR affect my Vehicle's warranty?
No. Repairs performed by a trained technician will not reduce or eliminate warranty coverage.

Will repaired dents "pop" back in or return in any way?
No. PDR removes the added stress caused by a dent. It is a permanent, guaranteed repair.

Will PDR affect the structural or mechanical integrity of my vehicle.
Not as long as the repair is performed by a trained, certified technician.

What if I have a question or concern after the repair is complete?
Simply call QWIK WAY at 1-877-4-NO-HAIL for any needed assistance.

Are there limitations to the PDR Repair Process?
Yes. If the paint has been cracked by hail, or the metal has been stretched by an extremely large hail stone, we will discuss alternative repair methods with you. These alternative repairs will only be performed by an insurance-approved body shop.

What if there is no access to the back of the damaged panel?
We have developed a special process that utilizes special tools and adhesives to "lift" the dent from the painted side. So long as your vehicle panel hasn't already been repainted, this will not harm the finish in any way.

Can I see how this process works before I decide?
We will be more than happy to provide a free demonstration.

How do I select a reputable PDR company?
Ask your insurance company for references and INSIST on a written lifetime warranty.

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